Startup EU-India Summit


What is Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN, reads See You In)?

SEU-IN is a partner for growth, investments, and strategic sourcing in the European and Indian digital markets. SEU-IN works with Startups, Investors, and Corporates and works alongside the enablers – Incubators, Accelerators, Universities, and National agencies in order to accelerate growth, source investments and innovation, and connect talent. SEU-IN is set out as the key initiative for Startups in the "EU-India agenda for action 2020" between EU and India. Check and reach out at for discussions.


STARTUP EU-INDIA SUMMIT ("SEIS") is the first of a kind summit that brings together the European and Indian Startup ecosystems... – European and Indian Startups, Scaleups, Investors, Corporates, and Policy Makers. SEIS aims to expose the opportunities and offers insights of the Digital India and Digital Single Market Europe.

SEIS is organized by Startup Europe India Network, in collaboration with the Startup Europe initiative of the European Commission. High-level speakers, thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and impactful policy makers are to be present at SEIS 2016.

The participants from Europe of VISIT STARTUP INDIA will join SEIS 2016 after their visit to Delhi and Bengaluru startup hubs.

Indian Startup ecosystem players building Startup India and the key players from Startup Europe, Register in Bengaluru

Who should participate?

Bringing together the key stakeholders of the Indian and European startup ecosystems: We invite entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, incubators, accelerators, policy makers to join us. Register here

How can I participate?

Register here

How much is the PASS?

Please refer to this link to see the prices. Register now

What is the AGENDA?

SEIS is planned to be on 20 October 2016. SEIS brings on-stage successful entrepreneurs, corporate CxOs, investors, and policy makers to speak and participate in panel discussions. A detailed Agenda will be online closer to the summit date. Registrations will close as soon as we have the planned number of participants. Register now.

Where is SEIS 2016 going to take place?

SEIS will take place in Benagluru. Location will be communicated soon.

How can I sponsor STARTUP EU-INDIA Summit (SEIS)?

Sponsorsing SEIS is easy. Send us an email: or Whatsapp/call us at +44 7985 661 949.

What are the requirements to visit India?

India requires Visas for visiting the country If you are not taking the place, it is a lost place for someone else. Please make sure you apply in time and is Visa ready for the visit. Visit for Visa applications, Indian visit Visa